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An Overview of Brendel & Fisher

Whatever unique challenges you face, we are dedicated to assisting you in any way we can. From portfolio management, to retirement and financial planning, to reviewing trust and estate plans and college funding options, we have the experience, patience, and time to guide you through the many phases of your life.

We believe at Brendel & Fisher Wealth Management that the client's interest must always come first. One of the many advantages of being an independent Registered Investment Advisor is that it allows us to select objectively those investments that are appropriate for our clients. Our independent research and analysis assures that the investments and strategies we incorporate into our client's portfolios will be best suited to achieve their goals and objectives.

Ever changing and ever challenging, the stock market proved to us in the last few market corrections that a cookie cutter approach to strategic asset allocation was no longer the best approach to portfolio management. We now apply an approach that incorporates a tactical approach allowing us to react to changes in market conditions so that we have the ability to both protect our clients in volatile markets as well as allow our clients to participate in rising market conditions.

We firmly believe that financial planning is a process; it is not a onetime event. We recognize that our clients have unique goals, objectives, and challenges and that each plan must be designed and customized for each client. In designing financial plans we first spend time listening to our clients hopes, dreams, fears, and objectives. This important and patient discovery process allows us to develop a plan that can meet immediate needs while not ignoring long term planning issues.

The next step is to design and implement a plan that the client and advisor mutually agree to, balancing needs for income and growth, with reasonable assumptions based upon historical data and market conditions. Finally, and of equal importance is the monitoring and review of the plan to ensure that it is accomplishing what the client's needs are and adjusting as market, income needs, and financial planning issues dictate.

Our ultimate goal is for our clients to have both peace of mind and a clear understanding of the process, plan, and portfolio composition. It is always satisfying, at the end of a client review meeting for us to hear the words, "I feel better now".